What you need to know about brakes

Brake system is one of the most critical systems in your car, so it is very important to maintain it properly and keep it in perfect operating condition. Brake pads are one of the most likely to worn out after two or three times for every brake rotor replacement. Brake pads do a lot of work to stop your car and the friction material will wear down over the time and use. Considering safety and riding comfort, ceramics brake pad is one of the best options, especially in Indonesia.


Ceramic brake pad consists of ceramic and other materials such as copper, silicone, and carbon. Below are the properties of ceramic brake pads:

1. Very quiet.

2. Strong wear characteristics: ceramic brake pads tend to last longer than metallic brake pads because they are harder.

3. Very low dust: ceramic brake pads create much less brake dust than organic or metallic pad.

4. Reduced rotor wear. A ceramic brake pad will tend to “grab” less than a semi-metallic pad, which lowers the friction and wears on the rotor.

5. Higher cost: depending on your vehicle model, ceramic brake pads are more costly than other material pads.

6. Not suitable for cold climates, but ceramic brake pads are the best solution for usage in hot/moderate climates.


Your brake pads should be replaced when they have less than 1/4 inch of friction material left, or if any of the following symptoms occur:

– Squealing sounds

– Vibration in the steering wheel

– Brake pad indicator light on the dashboard.