What you need to know about shock absorbers?

As part of suspension system, the main function of shock absorber is to give the passengers a comfortable, smooth ride on road. It keeps the tires in as much contact as possible with the road under bumps, pulling the car side to side in cornering and front to back in stopping and acceleration. Cars with poor suspension systems can cause damage to other parts of the car and uncomfortable riding.



As with any other component on your automobile, the actual requirements vary depending on the driving conditions and also the make and model of the vehicle itself. General thought is that most shocks will need replacing on a car when:

1. Distance traveled is over 50,000 km.

2. Irregular wear on tires.

3. The shock absorber is in irregular state, such as: oil leaks, severe damage on the outer part.


Particularly if you are driving on bumpy roads often, such as dirt roads, you may need to replace your shocks more often as compared to individuals who generally drive on smooth pavement or highway driving.


Getting your shock absorbers checked should be a part of yearly tune up done on your automobile. This helps you get a better sense of when these parts are wearing down and need to be replaced.